Nothing is True


Word of the day is Discernment: Acuteness of judgement and understanding. The line of perception based on first impression visual and intellectual prowess is different for everyone, like snowflakes (not millennials) every reactionary thought has its own special little place in the abyss of the self-importantly absurd realm of life on planet YouTube. See, gotcha! Thought I was going for a highbrow moment there, didn’t ya. Psyche! But there’s a theme, don’t worry, I never leave a job unfinished unless the check doesn’t clear.

As a writer or any creative person will likely admit to at least once, our “work” is our baby, labored over and cared for fastidiously and without many inklings of practicality or grey-area objectivity. This is why I would hate to be an editor or worse…  a collaborator on a piece of “work.” I put air quotes around the word work because it’s one of those…

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