Thin-Skin-Ism in the age of social media

The interesting character known as Milo Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter. Why do I care? Who said I care? But it’s a precedent I see as dangerous in a deeply divided and culturally pigeonholed nation of simmering anger. I hadn’t even heard of Milo Yiannopoulos until I came across a few retweets from Bret Easton Ellis of his, basically eviscerating the dreaded millennial generation of professionally offended with a grow-the-fuck-up face slap backed up with some republicunt babble and general statistics on liberals. So I also saw he was a self-proclaimed “faggot” and thought: hmmm, overeducated self-effacement via satire and polarization… I’ll bite. I listened to his first podcast where he called the Donald “daddy” and sucked on Ann Coulter’s tits with that white people country club laugh you only really hear in places like Palm Beach and Southampton. Diabolical? So he’s a conservative gay man and “journalist” whatever that is now, and had been banned temporarily from Twitter before. Fine, I’m a renaissance man myself, I defend the rights of all to speak their minds, whatever the content, however brilliant or inane. Now he’s banned for good for allegedly promoting hate speech against the African American actress and comedienne Leslie Jones who stars in the female Ghostbusters movie which got bad reviews. I wouldn’t see this movie anyway and I’m one of the few people alive who didn’t see the first one. I also never saw Back to the Future. I’ve always had a distaste for what I automatically assume is mundane and, ahem… SURREAL. Like ghosts and time machines. Maybe I’m way too much of a cool grownup for those silly tricks. PG! The only PG movies of that era I remember seeing were John Hughes’ Sixteen Candles and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Anyway, this banning from Twitter makes me wonder just how much free speech we actually have. Seems now more than ever the broad spectrum of the uneducated and overeducated alike have a platform to TELLITLIKEITIS. That’s hot. I’ve found my voice! Ok I plagiarized it from someone much smarter but I still yelled as loud as I could to misplaced applause. For the people! Who? Who are the people? Opinions and assholes, olde joke, yet always relevant. I’m not a huge Twitter fan anyway; I liken it to a 3-Series Beemer, a prestige logo that even poor people can wave around. Look at me! I’ve got an opinion on Twitter! I’m smart, not like everybody says, but I want respect! I stole that Fredo Corleone line from The Godfather. Busted! The morale of this paragraph is that thick skin, no matter what, is as necessary as air. And not just nowadays but in life. If one is going to live amongst society one cannot have thin skin and expect any kind of personal satisfaction. Abuse has always been rampant. Mentally ill people (most people) get off on judgement and ridicule of others. It takes a real balls to say: I don’t give a fuck. Byee. Maybe this is why I admire drag queens so much. One snap and your comment is forgotten. Leslie Jones went off Twitter because she could not take the heat. I almost liked her on SNL although SNL is a shadow of its 40-something self. Now I wonder why anyone who can’t take the harsh Twitter-Age criticism they have to know is coming would bother to try and become famous. I’d rather be rich than famous. Being rich means never having to say you’re sorry. Being famous means always keeping your asshole backed up to the wall to keep from getting fucked by someone with more to prove. Thick skin has to be grown, though. Unless you’re Madonna or an alligator.



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