Conspicuous Subtlety

As promised to myself I did the UWS yesterday and got a text from someone who knows me but whom I’m not remembering. Being too much of a gentleman to come out and text back: who is this? I bantered about walking on Central Park West and phantom texter replied: are you off today? Which leads me to my life as my own boss. I blew off work I needed to do yesterday to go on a photo expedition. And not just selfies although a few of those made it to the Gram, one upshot I tried to get at the Guggenheim all the way to the top of the cone, a few roller skate lady hardy-har references thrown in.  Right, i made it to 5th Avenue through the park after dodging too many nannies on the UWS. All the kids were stuffing their faces with ice cream. I know it’s hot but rather than sucking down all that sugar shouldn’t they be in a closed environment away from the already crowded streets where adults need to look at their iPhones as they walk? Gave me a few “fucking breeders!” moments of silent indignation until I had enough and cut through over to the East Side where all I had to battle for sidewalk space were Asian tourists. The UES as opposed to the UWS seems to me to be much more dignified in that old-school Manhattan way I always talk about. Maybe it’s because the kids/nannies you do see on the street are better dressed. And that means a lot. Strolling 5th Ave just reminds me of my childhood in the city, the building where we used to live, etc. Good memories. Sort of. But I’m done regressing. I remembered to pick up a lamp I’d bought that I’d forgotten in a Hertz car and then promptly forgot the lamp again in Dean & Deluca at Rockefeller Center. I went back for the lamp only because of been carrying it around and didn’t want all that time to have been wasted. Who carries a fucking lamp around Manhattan anyway? Someone who needs to see at night? WTF? This is scintillating isn’t it? What’s funny is the different hits I get on Scruff as a I pass through certain neighborhood. UWS is a lot of married guys. Funny ha-ha. I sat next to a wispy German boy at Starbucks wearing Micro Shorts and carrying a Louis Vuitton purse, he reminded me a little of the young actor Bjorn Anderson from Death in Venice. Boy had the same exact crack line in his iPhone that I do. Got a re-follow from a fav on Twitter who just happened to be posting behind the scenes pics from Death in Venice. Have you ever seen Death in Venice the whole way through? Has anyone? I almost did once but I was high. Marisa Berenson as Dirk Bogarde’s long-suffering wife? I didn’t buy it. Anyway lots of virtual attention but no fluids exchanged once again. Welcome to the jungle of hiding in plain sight. I think I should be writing for TV. Esotericists Anonymous. Episode idea: separate seating for all nannies/UWS brats. Actually, separate planet. Off to #werk. Bye Felicia.


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