Keep Calm

It’s Manhattan. I’m 15 minutes late for everything. Sometimes it’s just easier to walk than to coordinate with Uber at quittin’ time. Managed a CMA meeting at the GLBT Center at 13th & 7th although I’ve never done the “Tina” I sometimes need to fill my tank of awareness with the grass less greener people and no better place for that than CMA. The whole time I wonder who’s fucked who. Juicy Boys. After that I walked to Starbucks and realized my big hair had fallen harder than a cold fish death drop. Luckily over a damn-the-cals FRAP (no whip!) I remembered my old green fishing (pun?) cap and promptly placed it high on my big ole head. Did a nice walk through the Village and Washington Square, got clipped by a delivery biker, complete with micro cuts which only hurt for a few minutes. Gotta be more aware. Wasn’t even looking at the iPhone. Strolled up through Washington Square on my way back to Chelsea. Posted a selfie on the Gram and some guy commented that he saw me walking down 7th Ave. Should I wonder? No? I’m feeling uninspired. I need  some money and a good man. This is about as interesting as a Bravo TV show but it’s all I got today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll bring better intrigue.


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