The by-the-book meaning of “nihilism” is: “The rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless.” Very existential in its simplicity. Nietzsche is in another world paying no judgements on the Marquis de Sade’s power bottom Grindr profile. “Wanted: ASS BANDIT!” So what. Life is only meant for meaningless pleasures and momentary decisions on whether to go left or right or backwards or ahead. Since I’m a news junkie and take in all the racial and political unrest spewed in real time with subjective facts and die hard bias I’m wondering if I feel compelled to make a statement on how I feel society it crumbling in on itself as all shades of skin stick to their own screens and wait for the smoke to clear. Much like with homeless people or tortured animals or rape victims or blatant discrimination against whoever the fuck is a minority anymore, I have human sympathy and even empathy (with gays since I’m a white guy and, you know…) but truly I’ve become so desensitized to the world around me that even my sympathy feels a little condescending, even fake. Like celebrities who tweet “my prayers are with the family of” whatever black guy got shot by a white cop today, the very disingenuousness of people and their self-serving guilt unloading makes me even less inclined to give a fuck about ANYTHING! Whenever I see a pregnant woman I weep inside. Why? Why the fuck are you breeding in the eleventh hour of the apocalypse? Isn’t that kind of unfair to the kid? But, I’ll do my Kermit The Frog meme thing here and say: it’s really none of my business. And it really isn’t. Hence one of my favorite self-proclamations: Nihilism! LESS than ZERO FUCKS given. In searching for the clinical term for someone who doesn’t care what others think I just kept coming up with Egoist and I’m not entirely comfortable with that word. Basically all humans are egoists, it’s called survival. In variations, sure. But still, it’s all-encompassing. Few would call themselves a nihilist with a straight grin and actually mean it. And I could go further into why I feel this way but my fingers are starting to go numb and I’m headed to the helipad (yeah that’s right I’m hitching a ride to “the Hamptons” for the weekend with a friend much richer than me on a helicopter). If we crash into the Hudson River and die someone please hack into my Instagram and delete all the pictures of my ass. Staying with my Auntie Mame-like Aunt and Uncle in “the Hamptons” so I won’t be getting laid. TTYL. Cheers.



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