Public Transport

I’ll quote two of my favorite fictional lines here: “You’re one of those public transportation snobs; you look down on people who take taxis.” From the Whit Stillman film “Metropolitan” about Park Avenue types in the purgatory between adolescence and young adulthood. The recipient of this attack is Tom Townsend, a Princeton guy on a fixed budget in a rented tux. He’s a ride-the-bus-or-walk type. Very serious and intense. The verbal assailant is Nick Smith, whose school I can’t recall, a ne’er do well rich kid, who despite being charming in a genteel old-school Upper East Side way, let’s everyone have it with drag queen worthy zingers at the expense of dignity and respectability. Not sure how this became a film review, but the reason I’m bringing it up is the need for transportation around Manhattan, and those who use taxis and car services versus the bus/subway alternative. I’ve done both an frankly my boy I prefer the back of an Escalade to a subway car filled with people with Summer In The City stink all over them. Call me a snob of the other sort. Nick thinks Tom looks down on him because Tom isn’t so frivolous as to spend money on taxis. But I can tell Nick kind of likes it. His behavior is meant to antagonize. I’d never belong to a club that would have me as a member, etc. I’m a mix of Tom and Nick sans the bus/subway. So…

Quote number two is from my fictional female alter ego of Patsy Stone of Absolutely Fabulous (if you’re reading this you better know who Patsy Stone is): “I’ve got nothing to wear on public transport.” This is in London where FAG=cigarette and pants are just panties. Patsy says this after her bff Edina Monsoon gets shamed by her social justice warrior daughter Saffy into giving up her chauffeured car and suggests they go into the office via public transport. Haha. The solution was to buy a little Italian convertible and head to the 5th floor bar at Harvey Nichols. Hopefully you know what happens after that. Some time soon I’ll do a little dissertation on AbFab. after I’ve seen the movie (July 22). Anyway…

My uber bills are piling up. That’s what brought on this subject. My wise and fabulous grandmother was a public transportation snob. Loved the subway, a real hardcore New Yorker. She used to chastise one of her favorite nieces for taking taxis. Said niece was an artist who lived on Charles Street and was married to a real estate developer and they had an few houses in Southampton. So, I’d grab a taxi too. This was long before uber.

Went on Grindr today, placed the app right next to my Scruff. Contrasts.


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