What Is Deserved?

I take in a great deal of content during the day, both digitally and visually. NYC is a vast space of dense movement and anonymous togetherness. Yesterday an 18 year old kid from Virginia had his foot blown off in a freak accident while walking in Central Park when he stepped on a home made firecracker. The theorists and cops and bystanders of course liken this to a terrorist threat when really, as far as the content I’ve read tells me, it’s just a case of shit happens. Could have been anyone. Still sucks but I suppose life in the big city carries just as many risks as life in a long lost war zone or life on Mars. Just gotta watch where you’re going. That was the big story this 4th of July weekend.

I’m a guest in the Pines again but I’ve gotten a little weary of this couch surfing. At my age it’s no easier than when I myself was 18 and dodging metaphorical explosives in Central Park. I have a temp rental for 3 months but the homelessness thing, it just fucking sucks. There’s nothing glamorous or exciting about it. Nonetheless I’ve become a reluctant practitioner of acceptance, with a little bit of optimism. Roll with it. My own saga continues. Non sequitur of this paragraph: 62 year-old Christie Brinkley turned the garden hose on some woman peeing on the beach outside her house in the Hamptons (Hamptons=Country for aristocrats and new money). When did Christie Brinkley become 62? Why does she still look 29? Why not just let the fucking townie pee and go? At least it wasn’t a pressure hose. Cops were called but no one was arrested in this incident. Oh, Christie. Everyone pees.

What does anyone deserve? The right to pee on the beach? The beach is public property. The right to turn a hose on a stranger? Well, I kind of like that one. No one deserves anything. Deserve is a word that entitled people use. What about me? What about you? You’re an asshole just like everyone else. You deserve nothing. All any of us deserve is respect and human kindness and since we’re likely not going to get much of that then let’s just stay in our lanes (don’t stop looking at the iPhone though) and stop whining. And stop having kids. Too many people in the world.

Ahh I’m a real New Yorker.



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