Getting high on Instability

Over the course of one’s life there is a lot of reflection on mistakes made and lessons learned. The majority of my life has been lived one mistake at a time. I’m not one to invest too heavily in people or emotions, my skin as thick as proverbial uncommitted Teflon. Insert Gotti <wink-wink> New York eye roll. Whatever. I’ve never liked people very much. Only a few. Some have called me guarded, intense, moody, a little calculated. Thanks! I’ll continue with the theme of self- preservation.

Another night in a hotel, technically homeless. My apt in Murray Hill is giving me shit (the management). So I’m back on the prowl. It all happens for a reason. Looking at two more apts today. Some of my newfound young and virtual friends from Scruff suggest I join them in Chelsea (werk!). The search continues as hotel rates continue to skyrocket. June in NYC. Shoulda known better. Mistakes made. Lessons learned.



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